Righto, sit up, move in close, listen up. This bit can be complicated if you don’t listen.

Here at the bigscapacleanup we wanted to do two things. Firstly (and most obviously) we want to clean up our bit of the flow. But secondly (less obvious but maybe more important) we wanted to create some tools to make that job more effective. We want those tools to have a long life so that those who follow in our footsteps have an easier job and can start with some of the foundation stones laid already.

The webpage we are building to report the litter has an App embeded in it that allows a user to click on a map and report and item of rubbish. This App is driven by an engine that is being built by Mike Postons at 3deep Media. The maps will be interchangable so, if you have a site you want to clear, you can use that engine and to form your own App to report debris on your site, where ever that may be.

That engine is the seacleanmachine!

We hope to fledge our small App into the wider world for a sneak preview in the next fortnight. Pin back your ears and hold your breath: the seacleanmachine is being cranked and tweeked as we speak.

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