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At the end of the last BigScapaCleanUp week there were a couple of themes that bubbled to the surface.

Wrecks that were cleaned the previous year were revisited and generally found to have remained clean. Certainly, it didn’t take more than a single dive for the team to sweep any debris that had accumulated since the clean up into touch. This is quite gratifying and means that the BigScapaCleanUp maps can now be used as a means to monitor the wrecks rather than their prime role which was originally intended to be a location tool. Surprising this aspect was not fully realised at the conception of the project but, with a little nimble footwork, we are embracing the new idea. However it does show the importance of maintaning the wrecks maps and keeping things up to date.

The battleships present a greater challenge due to their greater depth so that the survey and the removal phases will probably become harder to do at once. The pre-reporting and triage will become more important than ever so we have invested a lot of time into making the maps as accurate (certainly in the visual sense) as possible. The underlying mechanics of drawing the maps was simplified and made easier to edit so that can react quicker to updates. Underwater time was invested into creating dive teams with capacity to dive the wrecks and convey their experience to an graphic designer who in turn brings the jumble of steel to life through strong visual cues in the graphics.

Last Modified on 26th February 2017
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