Movings sideways, welcome BSAC..

Somewhere along the way, I think we kinda became custodians of these wrecks. They form an important part of our cultural heritage and, as divers, we are privileged to dive and enjoy them. The more they are explored, the more they reveal about a life lived back in time and so in turn create a sense that we can tell their story by relating our own experiences. The wrecks too serve as a microcosm of our modern world as a whole: if we can address those problems we face in the wider lives on this small scale, maybe we become part of the solution. Cleaning up litter, fishing gear, plastics, etc may be just a drop in the ocean but it all helps. An army starts with a footstep and the Gf team are going great guns in that direction.

To document the wreck itself forms another part of involving the community. The BigScapaCleanUp has worked hard to welcome our BSAC friends to the fold and help them adopt the Coln. An advance team laid the foundations at the end of last season and helped Steve draw the new maps. Expanding on these skills, the teams started to apply some Photogrammetry to the wrecks. As time goes by, these early beginings will feed into the Scapa 100 initiative. Exciting times lie ahead..

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