SMS Cöln

SMS Cöln

SMS Cöln is the most intact of the four cruisers remaining in the depths of Scapa Flow. She now rests on her starboard side 36 metres of water but extends up to 22 metres at the shallowest point. She is not a complex wreck to navigate and, combined with her depth, is well within the grasp of competent sport divers. The imposing stem and Armoured Control Tower are just two of the intact features that help to make such a memorable wreck.

There are two ways to report items found on the wreck. You can download the map as a pdf and mark on the location with a pen or you can scroll down a little further and use the interactive App to mark a cross on the wreck map before pressing a button to send your report down the internet wires!

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We are lucky here at the BigScapaCleanUp to welcome the British Sub Aqua Club who have generously helped by adopting the wreck of the Cöln.

A number of BSAC led expeditions will map the wreck site in extensive detail using some advanced techniques such as photogrammetry. The first round has already taken place to form a working collaboration between graphic designer Steve Jakeway and a team of divers who together mapped the wreck in a way that emphasised the robust landmarks of charismatic visual reference. The result of this week formed the core of the new wave of maps you see online now. The next swathe will take place in Nov 2017 and form the basis of a 1st Class Diver training assessment and project plan. The core principles of mapping, wreck respect, collaboration, documentation and just plain fun in the water will all be embraced in this run of mini projects.

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Current Reported Gear

The map is now active... dig in, report stuff, find litter, have fun!

Please dig in, report stuff, find litter, have fun and let us know your thoughts.

Alongside the Seacleanmachine App, it is also possible to report lost fishing gear you have found on this wreck by downloading the Plotter Sheet pdf and submitting data via your phones camera - full instructions are available on the sheet. Maybe you just want a map to take home anyway. Download a copy and scibble away!