Looking back on 2017

Looking back now, the 2017 Bigscapacleanup week seems an eon away but the picture sums up the week in many ways.

Here is a small crab who will go back in the water to grow some more.

Likewise, the week saw the teams consolidate their good work and grow the range of skills that divers can bring to the clean up. The deeper battleships were tackled using mixed gasses whilst a second boat was packed with an enthusiastic team of trainees learning how to recover gear safely.

We all consolidated the partnerships and collaborations needed to ensure the project is finely targeted on actions that have a positive affect within the community as a whole.

But lastly, we gathered data to power the answers to the questions we need to answer.

However for me, the biggest change was the switch to record video rather than stills. The thinking is longer and more contemplative with moving images and this seems somehow more fitting with how the project as a whole has evolved.

I hope you will agree that, in time, the results will be worth the wait

Last Modified on 20th November 2017
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