Growing in capacity..

As the project gathers legs, so more modular components can be identified and brought into focus by small teams all bringing thought to specific areas but handing their knowledge to the next team.

So the Ghostfishing guys benefited from reporting on the maps which was composed of a software back end layered over technical level on a graphical map.

The Ghostfishing team have made great strides in their removal operation.

Another team have come behind to expand the number of maps and grow the techniques needed to create them online.

The Heriot Watt guys have taken the data and handed the numbers on to a study that will try and makes sense of the growing data base that will underpin future efforts.

The Scapa 100 initiative has been embraced and will help shape the future roadmap. Many of the ideals central to the BigScapaCleanUp carry across both cultural and environmental concerns and have a common ground.

Safety, whilst always at the top of the list, is also being made a direct component of the BigScapaCleanUp. Less rope means less hazard: can we quantify this? A study with the local hyperbaric unit is working to quantify the issues.

But even as the project grows, the central tenet that becomes ever more evident is that the driving force comes from the community. The effort and good will from volunteers working in their holiday time has given the project a substance far beyond what we ever anticipated in the early beginnings. So this post ends with a big thank you to all those who have lent a hand and put a shoulder to the burden to help us move everything forward. Thank you loads and loads!!

Last Modified on 26th February 2017
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