Day 5: more weather

The weather this day really howled with winds from the west that were well into gale force. Rich presented a talk on the tedious topic of the legislation: which is where the problems often lie. We can be too keen to get on with the job in hand but actually, behind the scenes, there are protocols to be observed and paperwork to be completed. Here at the Bigscapacleanup were are really well supported by a good swathe of positive minded supporters in the various local organisations that all touch specifically upon Scapa Flow. First and foremost is Historic Environment Scotland: the wrecks are protected under legislation that makes it illegal to tamper with anything within a 250m exclusion zone so without official sanction the project has no mandate. Secondly, the wreck lie within the Orkney Harbours area so we maintained a good liason with them too. I haven’t mentioned names but they know who they are and this is a small token of the appreciation that we would like to extend to them for their support and assistance.

Last Modified on 1st October 2016
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