Day 5.5: pause for thought

In the afternoon we sat down to talk through where we are now and where we are going. The spirit of the week has changed from last year with the emphasis on harvesting data as well as gathering up the debris. Decisions are best made when informed by the best information and this year we have focused a lot of effort into marine species ID, numbers and quantity of items gathered, an assessment of the damage potentially being caused and other factors that can be quantified.

Projects like these have an immediate output, such as the wrecks being cleaned. But there are plenty of ancillary outputs too and can include the possibility to be part of a wider program such as MSC accreditation. These additional outputs rely on data to substantiate the their own benefit but when they work, they really help to change the paradigm and keep the a seas cleaner. Hopefully the week can be far more wider reaching than just a tidy up of the wrecks.


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