SMS Brummer

SMS Brummer

The SMS Brummer was a mine laying vessel, similar in many ways to the cruisers that was scuttled along with the rest of from the German High Seas Fleet in 1919. She settled in 36m of water on her starboard side and now is one of the seven important wrecks that divers come to Scapa to discover. There are two ways to report items found on the wreck. You can download the map as a pdf and mark on the location with a pen or you can scroll down a little further and use the interactive App to mark a cross on the wreck map before pressing a button to send your report down the internet wires!

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Current Reported Gear

The map is now active... dig in, report stuff, find litter, have fun!

The 'Sea Cleaning Machine' has now been developed and released into the wild ready to sink or swim on its own merits. Hidden within the map is an 'easter egg' ready to be found by the eagle eyed so dig in and ge reporting.

Alongside the Seacleanmachine App, it is also possible to report lost fishing gear you have found on this wreck by downloading the Plotter Sheet pdf and submitting data via your phones camera - full instructions are available on the sheet. Maybe you just want a map to take home anyway. Download a copy and scibble away!