New maps…

Did I mention new maps? All the German Fleet have now been drawn and are online here so dig in and get reporting of all the rubbish that you find on the wrecks. A big thank you too to our friends at Environment Historic Scotland who have helped fund this latest round of maps. A […]

Movings sideways, welcome BSAC..

Somewhere along the way, I think we kinda became custodians of these wrecks. They form an important part of our cultural heritage and, as divers, we are privileged to dive and enjoy them. The more they are explored, the more they reveal about a life lived back in time and so in turn create a […]

Growing in capacity..

As the project gathers legs, so more modular components can be identified and brought into focus by small teams all bringing thought to specific areas but handing their knowledge to the next team. So the Ghostfishing guys benefited from reporting on the maps which was composed of a software back end layered over technical level […]

New maps..

At the end of the last BigScapaCleanUp week there were a couple of themes that bubbled to the surface. Wrecks that were cleaned the previous year were revisited and generally found to have remained clean. Certainly, it didn’t take more than a single dive for the team to sweep any debris that had accumulated since […]

Moving swiftly on..

Well the eager beavers have been hard at work chipping away at the coalface over the winter and created a fresh new swathe of thingsnstuff to keep the website moving forward. Plans are well under way to take the Ghostfishing week forward and tackle the battleships in a new round of cleaning. The battleships are […]

Cöln map

On the back of the last week collecting rubbish in the Flow, we have earmarked a programme to map the rest of the wrecks to gather data for a clear up week in 2017. The Coln is the first of the sites to get a brand new sparkly map, now live and waiting: Get reporting […]

GF2: final thoughts

The team were pleased with the week as a whole. Sadly the weather played a part but actually probably helped as it gave time and space for contemplation and conversation which is where the real engine of any successful project lies. The week was very different from 2015 with a change in focus on the […]